Slowly Recovering…

Good morning. I woke up today at about 9 a.m. after sleeping for about 10.5 hours. I was optimistic about my state of health yesterday morning, but it slowly declined. I was coughing, my chest was congested, I had a bad headache and then later in the day I became nauseous. It was a rough one.

And because I felt so awful yesterday, my eats were kind of bad. Here they are.

For breakfast I had Kashi Heart to Heart with almond milk and a side of Emergen-C.

I started to help with some of the household chore – we desperately needed to do two loads of laundry. I managed to get most of it done, but then felt really sick by the time the last load was ready, so Hubby had to go down to get it.

Here are my snacks for the day – they were all over the place.

This Larabar (coconut cream pie) is officially my favorite bar. It was so good. Unpictured snacks include triscuits and ginger ale, and some cashews.

I basically stuck to the couch most of the day and watched a lot of t.v. I hate that feeling soo much.

For dinner, Hubby made some delicious venison chili:

It was warm and a little spicy and very good. So here’s the deal with the venison eats this weekend – I haven’t mentioned this little fact on the blog yet. My Hubby is a hunter. As in, put on the camo gear, go sit in a tree stand for hours and hunt deer. Now, I know this may be something many of you are against (and you have every right to feel that way), and at first I kind of was too, but then I thought about a few things and changed my mind.

Why I Support Hubby’s Hunting

1. The deer he hunts are not brought up on factory farms, caged or raised simply for their meat. They live a full and happy life in the wilderness.

2. Deer are overpopulated in the area he hunts and end up coming into more residential areas and being hit by cars, so hunting them actually helps keep their numbers in check.

3. Hunters are only allowed a certain number of deer per year – so they can’t go out there and hunt as many deer as they want.

4. The meat he brings home has no chemicals, antibiotics or hormones added to it – it is organic and completely natural.

5. Venison is very high in protein and very low in fat, especially saturated fat. It is also chock-full of minerals.

So these are all the reasons why I support the Hubby in his “hobby.” If he didn’t use the meat and was simply hunting for the sake of saying he killed a deer, then I would have a huge problem. But he uses the meat all the time. A lot of nights when I am making something he doesn’t particularly care for or if I’m too tired to cook he makes venison.

I’ve only eaten the meat in a few forms: chili, stew and breakfast sausage. But I did buy him a “gourmet” venison cookbook for Christmas, so if he makes any of those dishes, I may try some of those as well. I’ve mentioned venison a few times in my blog, so I felt like I needed to provide an explanation. I go back and forth with not wanting to eat any meat, but if I’m going to eat meat, I’d rather it be venison.

Have you ever tried venison? Would you? Have you ever tried any other “different” kinds of meat?

Anyway – the venison chili he made last night was great. And then afterwards I had this for dessert.

A while after dinner (and dessert), the Hubby went into the kitchen to clean up a bit and came out to find me completely asleep on the couch. He basically told me it was time to go to bed – it was 10:30 p.m. I went into bed and was sound asleep within minutes. I hate being sick!!

This morning I feel much better. We still have a little cleaning to do and a board meeting at our apartment at 4:00 p.m., so time to get moving. I’m hoping now I am almost completely recovered or quickly on my way.

Have a great Sunday everyone – who else doesn’t feel like going back to work tomorrow?


6 responses to “Slowly Recovering…

  1. Venison is the best! I personally don’t think I have the guts (or patience) to hunt, but I like the idea of a hobby that also has side benefits. For example, I like to make jewelry and the side benefit is that I can make some pretty cute little gifts. Your hubby likes to hunt, and it produces healthy and low-cost meat for you. I think it is smart!

  2. Agreed, not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow! Blah!

    Hope you continued to feel better today. Being sick is no fun, I’m doing better with my cold but still not 100%, then there are my other issues. Oh well.

    I’ve had venison a few times and really enjoyed it. I’ve also had elk before too. My dad actually traps up in the northern Adirondacks, he is by far the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to the woods and the animals in that area. He is very conscientious of what he does. Often those who are against various types of hunting or trapping know very little about the ecosystems and the animals. However, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

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  4. I hope that you feel better! I’ve tried venison once, by accident. My stepfather (a hunter) told me it was steak. I liked it a lot! My fiance actually wants to get into hunting for the reasons you listed above. I would fully support him in that endeavor. We’ll see!

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