The Customer is Always Right!

Good afternoon. I’m writing a lunch-post for the first time in a long time. How was everyone’s weekend? Was it as crazy fast as mine? It flew by in a hot second.

What’s not so hot anymore – the weather finally! Yesterday evening it totally cooled down and became really comfortable and breezy.

I started off my Sunday with a yummy breakfast of Van’s organic waffles with banana.

After breakfast I bopped over to CVS to use the two coupons I had: one for 20% off Sat/Sun only and one for $4 off. And I checked beforehand that they could be combined. When I went to checkout, the cashier informed me that my 20% coupon had already been redeemed. I explained that, no this was my first time there today, and he looked at me skeptically and then waited – like I was just supposed to say “oh okay” and pay the full price.

Um – no way. I specifically waited to buy a bunch of stuff in order to use these coupons. I am all about getting a deal and I wasn’t about to just shrug my shoulders and dish out more dough. So I calmly explained again that “no, it hadn’t been redeemed yet.” At this point, the cashier looked downright frustrated and annoyed with me, and begrudgingly told me he had to call his manager.

So he did, the manager came over, used some special code and poof – magic, I got my 20% discount.

I share this story because after this little incident, I realized that I’ve definitely changed a bit in the past few years. In the past, I probably would have been so embarrassed and felt so bad that I was holding up the other customers, I would have just said okay. But I was actually very irritated that CVS sent out this coupon that was valid for two days only and then had the nerve to say I couldn’t use it!!

Call me a pain if you want, but I’m happy I stood my ground and got my discount! I’m a loyal CVS customer and I deserved it!

Have you ever had an experience like this? How did you handle it?

After my CVS debacle, I came home and cleaned a LOT and then ate a random lunch.

After lunch, back to cleaning. And more cleaning. We’ve been busy and away for a few weekends, so the apartment needed it.

After cleaning, I threw together a little grilled chicken over salad for dinner.

My salad had romaine lettuce with cabbage and carrots, cheddar cheese, apple, walnuts and raisins. Yummy!

As I mentioned last week, work is going to be a bit crazy this week. But my toe is feeling a lot better and I’m hoping to do a short run either tonight or tomorrow – FINALLY!!

Have a great Monday all!


3 responses to “The Customer is Always Right!

  1. That’s why you should shop at Walgreens. Not like I work there or anything…lol.

  2. I think that is AWESOME that you stuck up for yourself. I have the hardest time with that….but I am working on it too! 🙂

  3. I’ve had a CVS debacle before too and was sure to stand my ground. I think it is a great thing to do. We deserve the discounts we are promised! LOL

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