Over the Hump

I made it over the hump – Wednesday is basically done! My morning started off with oatmeal with agave and raisins and a little light cranberry juice.


I felt pretty good that I stuck to my plan and got myself back to the gym the night before. Then I remembered that I needed to log it! Where you ask (actually you probably don’t care, but I’ll tell you anyway) – I logged it on the Pile on the Miles Spreadsheet.

Pile on the Miles is a challenge run by two fellow bloggers to help avoid the holiday slump (and not pile on the pounds) and keep you motivated to run/be healthy. Basically you log your miles from Nov. 1st until Thanksgiving and the most mileage wins!  I could certainly use the motivation right about now.

Later on at work, I remembered something else I needed to do: sign up for NYC Marathon lottery. The lottery opened super early this year (the day after this year’s race) and they will announce lottery slots earlier as well. I pretty much know I won’t get in, but I had to enter anyway.

One thing I do hope is around next year is the Run Well training tracker on the NY Times website. IF I decide to run another marathon, I would definitely use it. It let me plan my workouts and then log my miles and times and it made me feel sort of guilty if I missed a day. It was cool to see how many miles I logged by the day of the race: 383.5 miles!

My lunch of leftovers and then a late afternoon snack:



Yes, I totally counted out my chips and put the rest of the bag away because, if not, I WOULD eat the entire bag. And I also snacked on a granola bar in the mid-morning, but that’s a super boring picture.

I’m so happy I made it to the gym again after work. Tonight I did a speed workout to test my limits. Here is what I ran:

3.1 miles (starting at 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 7.5)
1 mile cool down at 6.2
85 crunches, 50 side-to-side crunches, 25 leg lowers
25 lunges with 5 pound weights

My workout was a little jilted because I accidentally hit the Stop Button about 2.5 miles in. Am I the only person who has this happen to them every now and then? I think I must run too close to the front of the treadmill. That or I’m flailing like Phoebe on Friends and I don’t know it. (P.S. – if I am – someone please tell me).

I had a pretty decent lunch today – my leftovers with rice and chicken, etc. – so for dinner I felt like having a big salad. I did end up using some of the leftover cooked chicken breast from the night before and let it marinate a bit in balsamic vinegar. My salad was filled with: chicken, apple, cheddar cheese and grape tomatoes.


Lastly, before I sign off and have a cup of tea 🙂 – my weird question of the week: How many sports bras do you use, what brand is your favorite, and have they or do they ever get a little smelly? I ask because a few of mine are fairly new and seem to be a little too stinky after a long run or hard workout. I’m starting to think the material is not interacting right with my sweat. They are not cotton – they are like a spandex material (I think they may be Champion). Not all of them react this way, only some. My next step (I’ve tried washing with more detergent and fabric softener, etc.) is to try a different brand. Any recommendations?

One more thing… Murphy says hello! This is his play face as he hangs off the back of the desk chair.



2 responses to “Over the Hump

  1. My suggestion for you smelly sports bras – pour about half a cup of baking soda into your laundry when you wash them. I put it into every load a do and it keeps everything nice and fresh. Buy a BIG tub of it and it last forever. I use a little extra when I wash towels and sheets, they come out smelly brand new everytime.

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