First Post Marathon Run!

Well all, I finally did it! I ran my first post-marathon run last night after work. The weather was perfect – about 70 degrees and sunny. I set out just after I got home  and my overall feeling is: I should not have taken a complete 100% break from exercise for 3 weeks. :-/ Duh, right?

My initial reaction when I first started running was – Wow this feels so great! And in truth, the entire run felt really great overall, but I can tell that I’ve lost some of my cardiovascular strength and endurance and maybe a little speed. I think a break from running was definitely needed for me, but I wish I had been doing some other cardio exercises, such as using the eliptical or biking.

My next race is the 15k Boilermaker in Utica, NY on July11th and I feel like I have some training to do. Anyway – here are my stats from my run:

Mile 1 – 8:14
Mile 2 – 8:14
Mile 3 – 8:34
Mile 4 – 8:28
.5 – 4:12

Total mileage – 4.5 miles in 37:44. Average pace – 8:22 minute mile.

So it wasn’t terrible, but I definitely felt like I was working, whereas before the marathon, those split times might have felt pretty comfortable. And my toe felt completely fine!! YAYA!

I am considering running the Women’s mini 10K this Saturday in Central Park, and possibly the 5 mile NYRR races the next two weekends, but I haven’t completely decided yet. I think racing a bit would help me increase my speed for the Boilermaker – my goal time is under 1:17:00!!

In other good news – I was selected to participate in my work’s Leadership Development Program!! Only 16 people from the entire company (over 1,900 employees) are picked each year to participate in this 5 month program. The America Management Association comes in and hosts 2-day classes once a month for 4 months, we do assessments, and get career coaching and guidance. The official announcement went out yesterday and I’m so excited!

It’s nice to be selected for something like this, especially after I’ve poured so much into some of my recent projects.

I’m skipping my meal recaps for the past two days. They weren’t all that exciting. Except for perhaps the use of this on my English muffin the other morning:

Mmm I love PB&Co.’s peanut butters, but I was reluctant to try this one. Something about the cinnamon with the peanut butter sounded less than appealing to me. But my mom had this PB at her house and I was kind of forced to try it a few months ago and fell in love. So she gave me a jar as a gift the last time I stopped home. Thanks Momma! I also think I need to make a trip to their sandwich shop in NYC – located in Greenwich Village. 🙂 Which may just be the mecca for PB lovers like myself. Plus I like that this PB is all natural and the company uses “packaging and sales materials are 100% recyclable, and start with recycled materials whenever possible.”

P.S. – I’ve also decided to run The Sun Half Marathon, that is in conjunction with the Bay State Marathon that my friend Lauren is running in October. If you remember – she is trying to qualify for Boston so we can run it together next April. The half marathoners start with the marathoners and run with them for about 3 miles, so I’ll get to help her start and find a good pace to ensure she gets that BQ!! Anyone else running that marathon or half marathon? It’s supposed to be a pretty flat and fast course for anyone out there trying to BQ!

What races do you have lined up for the summer and fall?!


16 responses to “First Post Marathon Run!

  1. Congratulations on the selection at work. That’s great recognition. I bet it feels great to get out there and run again. When I was sick this winter I didn’t run for three weeks and my first run after being sick was supposed to be 3 miles. I went ten it felt so good! But then I was sorry later when I started feeling weak and gross 😉

    • Thanks! Wow 3 to 10 is a big difference. I felt great, but I’m not sure I could have run 10 miles just yet. Those three weeks feel like an eternity. I think I need to take it slow and work back up to a higher mileage.

  2. You know I have NYC lined up….assuming my body coperates. 🙂

  3. yay for the work stuff! you should be very proud 🙂

  4. I just tried PB and Company’s chocolate PB, which I knew would be a mistake b/c I couldn’t leave it alone! The cinnamon flavor sounds good too.

    I was actually considering that marathon for the fall, but I am always hesitant about Oct. marathons. for one, it can be hot, for two, I hate to end my season in Oct–so I always do a Nov. event.

  5. PB and Co. is so delicious! Like sinful delicious. The Dark Chocolate Dreams is unbelievable. I also just tried Maple, but Cinnamon Swirl is a great name too. I think if I lived in NYC, it would be hard to leave that store alone!

    And congrats and good luck on all your past and upcoming races! I just signed up for my first half. I have only done 10Ks twice, so I hope I can manage the increase! It’s 6 months away.

  6. Way to go on being selected at work! It’s always nice to get noticed for your hard work…

    I don’t have any definite plans before my half marathon in August- but probably sneaking in a few 10k’s and such here and there…

    Glad you had a great first run back! it would be a shame not to take advantage of the gorgeous weather as of late…

  7. Congrats on the successful run AND for the recognition at work 😀 I adore PB and Co. I have a spoonful of their mighty maple every day with my apple. Yum! I’ll be running the boilermaker (looking forward to meeting you afterwards hopefully!) and the Marine Corps half here in Albany in Oct. Woohoo!

  8. Yayy! Congrats on your return to running 🙂

    My race calendar for the next few months is pretty full – I’m running the mini 10k on Saturday, the corporate challenge on June 16, a 5k in my family’s hometown in pennsylvania, nyrr club champs in august, and then….the 2010 nyc marathon. whee!

  9. Congrats on getting picked for work babe! You definitely deserve it!!!

  10. All of their products are sooo yummy. I need to buy the to go packs they recently put on the market though!

  11. I have no races lined up, as we all know I am NOT a runner, but I love reading about yours!

    I think I’m the only one on this planet, who has yet to try this brand of peanut butter!

  12. Katherine: What About Summer?

    rest those legs; good for you for getting back in the game!

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