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Allergies Are Annoying

Happy weekend all! Hope you are enjoying it. Are you dressing up for Halloween? I haven’t decided yet. Nothing like some last-minute decision-making. If it comes down to it, I’m sure I can throw together a black cat costume and pick up some ears and a tail at Ricky’s. We shall see…

How was everyone’s Friday? Mine was crazy busy. I attended a work event in New Jersey in the morning, then caught a ride back to NYC and attempted to finish up all of my regular work in the afternoon.

However, what made things seem even a bit more stressful was that with all of this craziness going on, I was also coping with a very bad allergic reaction to the mosquito bites on my arm. I have NEVER in my life had an allergic reaction like this. The mosquito attack took place on Wednesday night, when I was bit five times. On Thursday, the bites looked pretty bad, but by Thursday night they were out of control. Here’s a picture that kind of shows it.

See all the redness up and down my arm? Those are huge bug bites alright. Determined to get in a run, I headed out to the East River Esplanade right after this picture was taken for a quick run. Not only are these bug bites bright red, but my entire arm is about twice its normal size. I think of my left arm as appearing like a Popeye arm. The bites are so swollen and itchy it’s ridiculous.

So running with a giant, red, throbbing, swollen, itchy arm was not very much fun. I managed to get in a good 4 miles before it got too dark. Here are my stats:

Mile 1 – 8:54
Mile 2 – 8:45
Mile 3 – 8:43
Mile 4 – 8:29
.26 – 2:36

Total mileage – 4.26 miles in 37:28. Average pace – 8:47 minute miles

I thought maybe things with my arm would start to get better on Friday. And I know this will sound impossible, but it got worse. Now my arm was throbbing and painful to touch. I made it through the day okay, but when I got home last night (Friday), I popped two extra strength Benadryl and prayed for some relief. I didn’t want to take the Benadryl during the day because it makes me so drowsy. And indeed, by 8:30 p.m. it had kicked in and I was feeling loopy and tired. My arm was feeling a little less huge and throbbing though. I vaguely remember moving into the bedroom around 10 p.m. after realizing I had fallen asleep on the couch.

And so how’s it looking this morning? Still swollen and painful, but it seems like maybe the swelling is coming down a bit.

I have also instituted a “no opening the window” policy for the rest of the early fall season. It stinks that I can’t let the fresh air in right now – since it’s sooo gorgeous out. But I just can’t risk another attack.

So my question to you all – what are you allergic to?

Obviously, I now know that I was allergic to this particularly mosquito. I have never had a reaction like this before though. I’m also highly allergic to dogs. I know so sad. I get the usual sneezing and chest congestion, but then if the dog happens to lick me, I break out in hives. I’m also allergic to cats. Yes, I know – what about Murph? I take a daily generic antihistamine that I get from Wal-Mart called Equate.


I don’t actually take this everyday though because after living with Murphy for 4+ years, I’ve sort of become immune to him. Funny how that works. But when I’m around other cats for an extended timeframe, I do have to take one of these pills.

How do I know what I’m allergic to, you might ask, other than the terrible reactions? I went to an allergist a few years ago and he gave me the allergy prick test on my arm and then watched as the allergic bumps popped up. Unfortunately, mosquitos were not part of the allergy test, although maybe I should recommend to the doc that they should be.

Regardless, I am going to continue taking Benadryl until the itching and swelling subsides. Hopefully I can get in a run today and then tomorrow as well…possibly with my Popeye arm.

Have a great weekend all!


Treadmill Avoidance

Yowza – it’s Thursday already? Seriously, where is the time going? And next week it will be November. That is just crazy.

I started yesterday off with a yummy and filling breakfast of oatmeal with banana and topped with brown sugar.

Lunch was pretty boring – just leftovers of my shell-less taco from the night before.

I Can’t Let Go…
It was such a dreary day yesterday, that I had planned on heading to the gym after work to run a few miles on the treadmill, but part of me just wasn’t ready to take that step indoors yet. So I’m going to try to run outside tonight instead. I want to take advantage of every last second of outdoor running before darkness, cold and snow force me inside more often. I honestly can’t quite understand how I trained for a May marathon from Jan-March of last year in the cold and snow. I guess I must have just sucked it up and bundled up or made nice with the treadmill.

How are you coping with the shorter days and the loss of daylight for outdoor running?

As you can tell, I am not welcoming it with open arms.

When I got home after work, I set to making us some dinner. We had some mushrooms in the fridge that were begging to be used. So I came up with this creation…

Sautéed mushrooms, carrots and broccoli with chicken in a butter, white wine, garlic and lemon sauce and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. This was pretty yummy and I made enough to have some leftovers for today.

On an unbelieveable side note: I was attacked by a mosquito again last night. I woke up this morning with 5 bites on my left arm. I guess I should be relieved they aren’t on my face. I know it’s happening because our screens in our windows are soo bad and there are gaps that allow mosquitos to squeeze through. It’s sad to say this, but I am actually really excited for it to get cold so we can close the window. Why is the mosquito army attacking me?!! I found the culprit on the wall this morning after I showered and made Hubby kill it. But I am seriously contemplating buying Skin So Soft and using it as a moisturizer at night. 😦  And I’m praying for a more restful night tonight.

Attacked By A Mosquito in October

Good morning. Thank god it’s Thursday. At least I’ve got that going for me.  Today did not start off well at all. I was  woken abruptly at 5:45 this morning by a buzzing sound very near my ear. I freaked out and started swatting blindly around me. Of course, I completely missed what I have now determined to be a mosquito.

How do I know it was a mosquito? Because about 5 seconds later I noticed something funny going on with my lip. It felt strange. I laid in bed for 10 more minutes and then got up and headed to the bathroom. I was met in the mirror by a girl with a giant Angelina Jolie lip on only one half of her mouth.

Panick set in. I had to go to work. I looked hideous, deformed, grotesque. Panick rises. I wake Hubby up, screeching about mosquitoes and giant lips. He looks at me briefly through sleep-filled eyes and goes back to sleep. I ice my lip. I look in the mirror again. It looks bigger. And now I’ve noticed a second bite on my cheek.

I give up on the staring and hop in the shower. I decidedly avoid the mirror when I get out and simply apply some cortizone cream to the attacked areas. I eat and get dressed and then stare hard at my make-up bag. We had some serious work to do. Normally, I wear little-to-no make-up to work. Today I brought it all out: cover-up, powder, concealer, bronzer, and I went to town. Here is the result.

Not too shabby right. I almost look normal. But then here’s my lip up close…

See the difference up close? The left side (if you’re looking at it, it’s on the right facing you) is swollen and puffy. I asked one of my co-workers and she said she really could not tell, so I’m just going to keep re-covering up all day.

But this evening it’s on. I am tearing the house apart and vacuuming and cleaning that mosquito out! I will Lysol his little flying biting butt to death.

I should really be used to this by now. Mosquitos absolutely love me. For the record, I wasn’t wearing any perfume or lotion yesterday. There is just something in my skin or blood that draws them in. I’m like the Sooki Stackhouse to their mosquito vampirish ways.  I’m too delicious to pass up. If I sit by a camp fire for a mere 5 minutes without bug spray on, I will be devoured. Hubby can sit there all night and they won’t even throw him a passing glance.  And what makes it worse is that I have pretty severe reactions to their bites. Big giant welts that take forever to disappear. Fun times.

I apologize for this little rant, but you can’t imagine what a frustrating morning I’ve had. And then a little boy on the bus was staring at me and whispering to his mother and I thought for sure he was telling her he was afraid of the ogre-like woman with bloated lips sitting across from him. What a lesson in humility that was. Never again will I EVER look too long at someone with a birth mark or any other noticeable physical abnormality.

I guess it also made me think about what effect my physical appearance has on my confidence. And while I like to pretend that I don’t judge people based on their looks, I’m sure I do. I think I will make it a point to do less of that in the future. After all, they too could have been savagely attacked during a peaceful slumber.

I guess the upside (I’m really still struggling trying to find one) is that now I kind of know what I would look like with a collagen injection. And I think it’s pretty safe to say that collagen is not in my future.

Have a good Thursday all. Yours truly – “Angelina For a Day”