What’s Better Than Breakfast for Dinner?

Weekend Recaps – In Case You Missed It:

Friday: Great Start to 2010
Saturday: I Love My Garmin!!
Sunday: Slowly Recovering…

Happy Monday – I’m pretty sure it’s not too happy for anyone. Back to the grind. At least the next day off isn’t too far away. And I’m excited because I have a bunch of fun things happening in January: 5 mile race, broadway show, bachelorette party, half marathon and a wedding! This month is going to fly by.

Ok – let me recap Sunday’s eats before I get any further: I woke up feeling much better on Sunday morning – 10.5 hours of solid sleep really helped with that. I was feeling less congested and my throat wasn’t sore. I started off with a nice warm breakfast of oatmeal with apples and agave. I had a side of Emergen-C, my norm as of late.

Then the cleaning fury commenced. Hubby and I did a bit of cleaning throughout the weekend (packing up Christmas decorations and vacuuming), but Sunday was all out cleaning mayhem. We cleaned the place from top to bottom.

Around 1:00 I was feeling hungry so I had a light lunch of Chobani vanilla yogurt with a crushed granola bar and choco chips:

And I also had the rest of my breakfast apple with some cheddar cheese, and carrots and grape tomatoes with garlic organic hummus.

At 4:00 we hosted a board meeting in our newly-cleaned apartment – Hubby is the co-op president. It was a good meeting and we made plans to take care of a bunch of building “must-dos.” It was almost like our co-op resolutions. Hopefully we can stick to our plans.

After the meeting I had the urge to bake. I had some sort of bread stuck in my mind – thinking maybe banana bread or something with apple. But upon asking Hubby what he would like, he reminded me that he basically doesn’t like any fruit in his bread – not even raisins! After scouring http://www.cookinglight.com, I settled on this recipe for Coffee-Nut Scones.

Recent baking experiments have revealed that our oven is essentially a super oven and cooks everything twice as fast as a recipe states. So I ended up cooking the scones for only 10 minutes to be safe. They turned out pretty good (of course I had to try one when they were still warm)…but would have been better with some fruit!

For dinner we did the “breakfast for dinner” thing. I love doing this. I am such a breakfast lover that I could probably eat it for every meal. The Hubby whipped up the remaining venison sausage and I paired it with some organic waffles. I topped the waffles with a homemade blackberry spread. I used the remaining blackberries, added a bit of water and heated them in the microwave for 1 minute 15 seconds. Then I smushed them up and added 2 packets of truvia. It was the perfect topping. Lastly, I had one clementine with my breakfast dinner.

What about you? Are you a fan of breakfast for dinner? What’s your favorite (eggs, pancakes, french toast, waffles, etc.)?

Finally, I had a nice cup of Sugar Plum Spice tea while I read before bed.

I am feeling much much better today. It’s funny, a blog friend said yesterday that she feels like I’m always sick. The truth is, I rarely actually get full-on sick. Even this weekend, I felt pretty awful, but I still didn’t feel like I was totally sick. I wasn’t bed-ridden and could still kind of function. A lot of time I think I start to get the beginnings of a cold and I just medicate the heck out of myself and that makes me very tired. I may have had a full-blown cold this past weekend, but what was very clear was that I needed a lot of rest. I also tend to take it easy even if I think a cold or illness might be coming on. That’s probably what I should have done on Friday, rather than going for a run. Live and learn.

What about you – how do you cope with an impending cold? Do you let it hit you and take its course or do you fight it with all you’ve got like I do, or somewhere in between?

Have a nice Monday everyone!


11 responses to “What’s Better Than Breakfast for Dinner?

  1. I adore breakfast for dinner! The Huz is slowly coming around to the idea – I know he’ll fall in love with it yet 🙂

  2. I love breakfast for any meal…what a great idea for the berry syrup!!

    • Thanks! Yeah I let the blackberries sit in the fridge a bit too long and they were coming close to being borderline, so I figured why not mash em up!

  3. I guess I’m odd and not a fan of breakfast for dinner…. I like breakfast for breakfast. LOL although I can eat cereal any time of day.

    With the cold I’m just getting over I really didn’t do anything really to combat it other than lots of sleep and fluids. I kept up my running too. I’m glad I’m getting better as I don’t want to be feeling crappy before I have my surgery.

    Lots of fun stuff planned for you! I’m starting to get a little grumpy that I will have to scale back my running, I really wanted to do that half marathon at the end of the month. Bummer.

  4. I love breakfast dinner. It feels so decadent for some reason! Yum.
    When I feel sickness coming on, I drink tea, tons of water and sometimes airborne. I need to get some emergen-c! I try to fight it as best I can bc I hate being sick!

    Your January looks like it will be awesome!

  5. I feel like I’m a lot like you: I keep “trying to get sick” and fighting it off. I’ll go to bed positive I will wake up with a cold, but the next day I will feel fine. But then a day later a sore throat will start…and same thing, It goes away in a few hours. I almost never get full-blown sick!


  6. Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day so breakfast for dinner is a must every once in a while. My favorite is french toast.

  7. I also love breakfast for dinner – and LOVE Van’s frozen waffles. I haven’t gotten them for a long time, as I usually make my own homemade waffles, but you have reminded me to put them on my grocery list again!

  8. Nice blog! I found you through Meg’s. I liked the title! – It’s actually similar to mine…and I love to read 🙂 Hmmm…a cold…I rarely get them – knock on wood! – but when I do , I try to go about my regular business as I can…more tea and sleep…my usual laziness…the worst is when you get the aches…hope you feel better soon!! check out my blog or add me to your Roll if you like!! Would love to hear opinions/insights 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by – I’ll have to go check yours out! Yup – I think I’m about to go make myself a nice cup of tea right now. I am feeling much better – thank you!

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