Ok, Who Put Speed in my Seltzer?

No seriously – someone must have. I am pushing my daily food recap out of this post so I can talk first and foremost about something magical (or speed-induced) that happened last night. I had an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. run. I actually think maybe my Garmin is wrong. Or maybe it was the stars aligning, the super-charged rice lunch I had, the extra water I drank, the lovely compliment Kelly paid me yesterday (she labeled me as a “real” runner), the fact that it was my first time wearing shorts this season, the balmy temps, the beautiful sun or the plethora of runners out in Central Park. Whatever it was, whatever the combination – I don’t want to lose it and I want it with me on the day of my marathon.

Seriously – I am in shock by these run stats. Here it goes:

Mile 1 – 8:24
Mile 2 – 7:47 (I know!!)
Mile 3 – 7:45 (what, what!)
Mile 4 – 7:59 (oh okay, it’s all over)
Mile 5 – 7:42 (oh no it’s not!)
Mile 6 – 7:54 (hanging in there)
Mile 7 – 7:56
Mile 8 – 8:06

Total mileage: 8.04 in 1:04:04 (maybe 4 is my lucky number?)

I know for many people, these stats aren’t that impressive. I know there are super runners out there that may balk at these times and wonder what I’m freaking out about. But holy moly, for me they are insane. Out of control. I honestly don’t know where this came from or how I sustained that pace.

Have you ever experienced a run like this? Blind-sided by your out-of-nowhere speed?

I’m pretty sure this was a one shot deal and I need to be prepared for the fact that my runs will likely never look like this again. Total fluke.

Plus, after my run I noticed some pain in my hip. I’ve been trying to stretch it out, but that sure is a hard area to stretch. Any suggestions?

I did a recovery run this morning (actual recap to come tomorrow) and that seemed to help a bit, but I know I need to be stretching it some more.

I’m going to forego my food recap for yesterday and just say that it was pretty normal. Oatmeal in the morning, mid-morning snack, leftover rice and chicken dish for lunch (good carbs before my run), Chobani yogurt and an apple around 3:45. Somehow, I guess that fuel combo was the right mix!

Oh and btw – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! I’m wearing green – how bout you?! The Hubby wants to go out for a few drinks tonight and since I got my recovery run in this morning and had an awesome run last night, I think I am totally entitled! Will you be celebrating this evening – or today? I still wish the parade was on the weekend. Have a great one all! 🙂


15 responses to “Ok, Who Put Speed in my Seltzer?

  1. Lindsey….AMAZING!! Those splits are NICE!!!! Don’t sell yourself short at all…this was not a one shot deal. You did this yourself and you can do it again! HOLLER!!! 🙂

  2. Great run – you can do it on marathon day for sure! Especially since you were still under 8’s at mile 7: that looks good!

  3. congrats on your AWESOME run! To stretch my hips I always do pigeon pose… it works!

  4. Awesome run!!!

    I wish I could say the same for myself…. ugh. I think I’ve just been getting slower lately. Oh well.

    I’m going to guess its not a fluke for you, I bet you are just finding the speed you never knew you had!!

    Definitely have my green on today. 🙂 I’m thinking we are going to head out for a beverage or two tonight to celebrate after my PT appointment.

    • Thank you! Maybe you just need get back in the groove – you had a big break when you had your surgery and maybe it will just take some time for you to work back up to your usual super speedy self. I’m sure it’s not gone, just have to get back into it.

      I hope I’m finding the spped I never knew I had, but I wouldn’t be money on it. 🙂

  5. I can give you some suggestions for stretching whne we hang out this weekend! Unless, of course, you expect me to keep up that kind of pace, in which case, I’ll meet you back on the East Side and help you stretch out when you’re done 😉

    • Thank you – some suggestions would be great! Trust me, I will not be running anywhere near that fast. This hip issue alone is enough to keep me at a reasonable pace, but I also don’t want to burn myself out and 17 miles is waay to much to be running that fast.

  6. Way to go! I love runs like that! Last year I was floored after a race because I had shaved almost 2 minutes off of my 5k- no idea where that came from! It’s always a nice little surprise…

  7. Congrats on the awesome run!!! Since I’m not much of a runner I have not really experienced that, but I have had days where my strength will skyrocket for my weight lifting and I always relish it. 😀

  8. Get it girl! Those stats are awesome! Good work!

  9. Congrats on an awesome fast run! I am very impressed with those stats! I have had fast runs out of the blue before and I love how they make me feel. As for your hip, I suggest the pigeon post (aka runners stretch) to stretch it out. If you start feelng pain on the outside of your knee the next time you run that it could be your IT band.

  10. Yay for unexpected speediness! I invested in a foam roller when my IT band got tight – also a very very difficult place to stretch. There are many different stretches and massages that a foam roller can provide and it will help alleviate the pain in your hip. http://www.runnersworld.com/article/0,7120,s6-241-285–11556-0,00.html

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