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Get into the Training Groove

Good morning everyone! Hope you all had a decent Monday. Mine wasn’t too bad as Mondays go. My breakfast yesterday was a delicious bowl of oats with banana, almond butter and agave. Delish!

I was ravenous again by early morning, but I decided to have a small snack  of 3 prunes. They look gross, but they are actually pretty tasty.

For lunch I finished up some rice and beans from Saturday night, as well as a few sticks of celery with Garlic and Herb flavored Laughing Cow Light Cheese.

My afternoon snacks were Strawberry and Banana Chobani yogurt (this one was not zero-fat – it has 2%)  and an apple pie Larabar. I liked the Larabar flavor just okay.

After work I headed to the gym for an easy run. My legs were still a little sore from my run on Sunday, so I was definitely happy to have an easy night. And I did not even try to up the speed or increase the distance at all. I ran 3 miles in 28:00 minutes. Then I did some ab work and a few arm exercises with 5-pound weights. I so did not feel like running or exercising at all, but was very proud that I actually went. Hopefully I’ll be able to stick to my marathon training plan a little better if I can just get into a groove with it.

I headed home after the gym and just re-heated Sunday’s dinner of Venison and Barley Soup (sorry no picture!). It was actually even more flavorful on day two, which was what some of the reviewers of the recipe had said. I finished that up, but then had a strange craving for some…

Pickles!! I had a little pickle plate with dill and bread and butter pickles! I just love em!

And finally, a little while later I wanted some dessert, but I also felt not entirely full. I had big plans to run on Tuesday morning, so I thought a little snack might actually be a good idea so I wouldn’t be completely low on fuel on Tuesday morning. I made a Tina 3-Minute Breakfast Cookie, but used: oats, egg whites, 1 packet of Truvia, 1 teaspoon of pumpkin purée, cinnamon and walnuts. 

It was actually pretty darn good – maybe a little bit bigger than it should have been.

Then Hubby and I watched The Bachelor and shared some moments of utter disgust. Hubby turned to me at one point and told me he felt like punching Jake. HA! I agreed. Jake says the SAME things about every girl and then stares at them trying to seem deep, but to me it comes off as a vacant stare. He was really annoying me last night. And then Allie pushed me over the edge with her fake crying (yes, she had real tears at other moments) and her overly-dramatic exit at the end. Hubby and I agreed they will be bringing her back later to spice things up or maybe will give her a spin-off Bachelorette. Overall – GRRR to that episode.  

Health in the news

Learning What Food Looks Like Before It Goes Into the Package – I would have loved to take this class in high school. I’m so happy that schools are starting to offer courses like this one.

The Healing Power of Herbal Tea – I don’t think I really realized there was a difference between “tea” and “herbal tea.” Interesting.

Study links sugary soft drinks to pancreas cancer 

Three Home Habits Help Youngsters Stay Slim

P.S. – Who’s excited for the Olympics to start?!! MEE!! I love watching them. Hopefully they aren’t on too late at night.

And who’s not excited for the snow we’re supposed to get tonight/tomorrow? Me again.

Easing Back Into Healthy Habits

Good morning all. Happy Tuesday – back to work for many of us who enjoyed an extra day off yesterday. I don’t know about you, but I definitely enjoyed it and needed it.

I started the day yesterday with a breakfast of Kashi Autumn Wheat with almond milk and light cranberry juice. Please forgive my atrocious bowl.

For lunch I snacked on some Garlic Herb Triscuits (these can be a bit much if you get a really seasoned cracker). When Hubby went to the store a little while ago, they only had flavored Triscuits – so I gave these a shot. They weren’t too bad. I also had an apple with peanut butter, a big glass of water and some raisins.  

After lunch I finished up two loads of laundry and then decided it was time for a quick run. My marathon training plan only called for a 3-mile run, but I ended up doing almost 4 miles. Here are my stats:

Mile 1 – 8:10
Mile 2 – 8:30
Mile 3 – 8:51
Mile 4 – 8:13
Total of 3.97 miles in 33:46

After my run, Hubby came home from his trip upstate and I helped him unload the car. Chobani yogurt was on sale for 99 cents in Albany (whoohoo), so I had him stock up! Dinner was lazy – I ate more triscuits (not pictured) and had a few pickles and a yogurt with granola.

After dinner, I reluctantly turned on The Bachelor. I swore to my friend this weekend that I was done watching it and that I had only watched last week’s episode to see what the “big drama” was. But alas, Hubby and I wound up sitting through another two hours of the show. I thought Elizabeth was the prettiest on the show (Hubby called her “Megan Fox-esque,” but I agree that she was playing games with him. Bet she regrets that now.

Anyone else out there still watching The Bachelor?

There were definitely two girls I didn’t know at all – one of them was eliminated (the long dark hair), but who the heck is that short girl with dark hair (I think she was wearing a sparkly dress)? She keeps making it through and I never see her at all. She’ll probably win. I am glad that crazy Michelle is gone though. And wow – I can’t believe I’m still talking about this show.

Moving on…

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I had a ton of fun and am soo looking forward to Kelly and Jerry’s wedding in less than 2 weeks! I did eat and drink a bit too much, so it’s back to my training schedule and healthy eating for me this week and hopefully from here on out. Plus, I’m running the NYRR Manhattan Half Marathon on Sunday! I’m excited and nervous. One of my best friends is coming down to run it with me, so that should be fun!

How do you get back on track after a weekend of less-than-healthy living?

I’m kind of easing back into it – Monday wasn’t the healthiest of days as far as eating goes, but I did get in a run and I drank a good amount of water. Today will hopefully be much healthier though.

And lastly, here are a few interesting health stories:

Exercise protects and improves the aging brain

Mediterranean diet protects against stomach cancer

Hope you all have a healthy and happy Tuesday! Yay for short weeks.

Running in the Dark

Good morning – how’s everyone on this Tuesday morning? I’m doing pretty well. Things have been busy, busy at work and yesterday just flew by. Here’s a quick look:

Breakfast yesterday was a delicious honey wheat double fiber English muffin with peanut butter and topped with banana. And of course, a side of cranberry juice.

No mid-morning snack for me because I ate an early lunch at about 12:15 Lunch was simply leftover tomato-basil soup from Sunday night. And it was even better today – more flavorful.

Looks kind gross in that Tupperware and horrid lighting, but it was good. My late afternoon snacks included some Horizon organic raspberry yogurt with granola and a Larabar.

I flew out of work right at 5:00 because I was pumped to meet up with Katherine for a nighttime run. I can’t tell you how psyched I am that she lives so close, runs at my speed and, if her schedule allows – is always ready for a run. But the girl does have one busy, busy schedule.

Anyway – we started off our run around 83rd and York and headed to the East River. We headed south to 59th street and then turned around. This was a first for me – I’ve never run along the river or in Central Park when it’s dark outside. I always head to the treadmill, albeit with some notable frustration.

Running in the dark was very interesting. The East River Esplanade is actually pretty well-lit, but it has its dark spots. I was surprised to see that there were quite a few other runners out there, even some women by themselves. Katherine and I joked about telling one lone female runner that she could run with us and be our friend – I just don’t think I’d ever be able to get out there by myself in the dark.

Once we turned around, we continued north back past 83rd and all the way up to 107th. That’s about where it starts to get a bit scary for me. Altogether, we ran 5 miles and here is our breakdown (thanks Garmin):

Mile 1 – 9:22
Mile 2 – 9:08
Mile 3 – 9:11
Mile 4 – 8:48
Mile 5 – 9:00
Total: 5 miles in 45:31

I’ve got to also say that although my first 2010 race this past Saturday was technically in colder temps, last night’s run felt pretty frigid. I talked to my mom after the run and she made the good point that even though Saturday was technically colder, I was running in the sun,  so I may have felt some residual heat or warming. That’s probably why last night felt colder to me.

Do you run in the dark? If yes, do you run alone or prefer to have a buddy?

I also feel that city night running is much different than running at night in the suburbs. Even though there are more people generally out and about in NYC, there are also more potential sketchy peeps. Last night I was too nervous to run in Central Park, even with Katherine, hence we hit the river instead.

When I got back to the apartment I started dinner almost immediately, but I did snack on some raisins and walnuts to tide me over. I was ravenous.

Dinner was baked chicken stuffed with chopped apple and feta cheese, with balsamic vinegar drizzled over top. We also had a side of vegetable couscous. Hubby informed he is not a fan of couscous – of any kind. I forced some curry couscous on him a few weeks back and he didn’t like it, but I thought maybe it was just the curry flavor – apparently it’s couscous in general.

Up close

After dinner I also ate the rest of the apple with some peanut butter for dessert.

We finished dinner and started scanning the tube, and seriously, The Bachelor was the only thing on. We started watching it and it was getting on my nerves, so just as I was about to turn the channel they announced that some drama was going to happen in the second hour and one of the girls was getting kicked off. Those producers and editors are darn good, because then I just had to see what the drama was. And what happened next…I watched the whole two hours of the show!

I have to admit, that was a twist that was way better than any of the fake drama they could have planned or instigated. Ha! I’m dying to see this “staffer” that hooked up with Rozalyn. And what exactly happened between them… Oh the drama!

Sorry for getting a little sidetracked. I leave you with some interesting health stuff in the news:

Counting of Calories Isn’t Always Accurate

Healthy Aging, With Nary a Supplement

The 11 Best Foods You Aren’t Eating

New York City leads drive to cut U.S. salt intake

Are you a salter? I salt a few things a bit, but nothing crazy. I know a few people who are salt obsessed and put it on EVERYTHING. Usually without even tasting the dish first.

That’s all for today – have a good Tuesday!