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What’s Better Than Breakfast for Dinner?

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Happy Monday – I’m pretty sure it’s not too happy for anyone. Back to the grind. At least the next day off isn’t too far away. And I’m excited because I have a bunch of fun things happening in January: 5 mile race, broadway show, bachelorette party, half marathon and a wedding! This month is going to fly by.

Ok – let me recap Sunday’s eats before I get any further: I woke up feeling much better on Sunday morning – 10.5 hours of solid sleep really helped with that. I was feeling less congested and my throat wasn’t sore. I started off with a nice warm breakfast of oatmeal with apples and agave. I had a side of Emergen-C, my norm as of late.

Then the cleaning fury commenced. Hubby and I did a bit of cleaning throughout the weekend (packing up Christmas decorations and vacuuming), but Sunday was all out cleaning mayhem. We cleaned the place from top to bottom.

Around 1:00 I was feeling hungry so I had a light lunch of Chobani vanilla yogurt with a crushed granola bar and choco chips:

And I also had the rest of my breakfast apple with some cheddar cheese, and carrots and grape tomatoes with garlic organic hummus.

At 4:00 we hosted a board meeting in our newly-cleaned apartment – Hubby is the co-op president. It was a good meeting and we made plans to take care of a bunch of building “must-dos.” It was almost like our co-op resolutions. Hopefully we can stick to our plans.

After the meeting I had the urge to bake. I had some sort of bread stuck in my mind – thinking maybe banana bread or something with apple. But upon asking Hubby what he would like, he reminded me that he basically doesn’t like any fruit in his bread – not even raisins! After scouring http://www.cookinglight.com, I settled on this recipe for Coffee-Nut Scones.

Recent baking experiments have revealed that our oven is essentially a super oven and cooks everything twice as fast as a recipe states. So I ended up cooking the scones for only 10 minutes to be safe. They turned out pretty good (of course I had to try one when they were still warm)…but would have been better with some fruit!

For dinner we did the “breakfast for dinner” thing. I love doing this. I am such a breakfast lover that I could probably eat it for every meal. The Hubby whipped up the remaining venison sausage and I paired it with some organic waffles. I topped the waffles with a homemade blackberry spread. I used the remaining blackberries, added a bit of water and heated them in the microwave for 1 minute 15 seconds. Then I smushed them up and added 2 packets of truvia. It was the perfect topping. Lastly, I had one clementine with my breakfast dinner.

What about you? Are you a fan of breakfast for dinner? What’s your favorite (eggs, pancakes, french toast, waffles, etc.)?

Finally, I had a nice cup of Sugar Plum Spice tea while I read before bed.

I am feeling much much better today. It’s funny, a blog friend said yesterday that she feels like I’m always sick. The truth is, I rarely actually get full-on sick. Even this weekend, I felt pretty awful, but I still didn’t feel like I was totally sick. I wasn’t bed-ridden and could still kind of function. A lot of time I think I start to get the beginnings of a cold and I just medicate the heck out of myself and that makes me very tired. I may have had a full-blown cold this past weekend, but what was very clear was that I needed a lot of rest. I also tend to take it easy even if I think a cold or illness might be coming on. That’s probably what I should have done on Friday, rather than going for a run. Live and learn.

What about you – how do you cope with an impending cold? Do you let it hit you and take its course or do you fight it with all you’ve got like I do, or somewhere in between?

Have a nice Monday everyone!